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At Wilderness Ranch we specialize in providing you, your family, and friends with healthy, delicious &
nutritious grass fed beef, lamb, pasture raised pork, and pasture raised chicken products in Ontario. Our
animals graze naturally in a stress free environments, enjoy lots of sunshine, rest in the shade of mighty
trees, drink from the cool clear streams that cross the ranch, and live their lives doing what they do best -
eating grass and enjoying lots of sunshine. Feel free to browse through our site and enjoy your stay. If you
would like some of our products, simply order them on our
store front. We will be happy to work with you to
provide you with the information and the products you need. We are dedicated to bringing you the most
healthy, naturally raised, best tasting meats that are available today.

Accepting Orders For 2015 Harvest! Order Early to guarantee your meat!
We are now accepting Beef, Lamb, Pork and Chicken orders for the 2015 harvest  
~We do have our 30 LB Family Beef Boxes in stock. Please
contact to check for availability.
Ordering a Whole or Half Beef?
Send Us Your Cutting Instructions
What sets WR beef apart from other grass fed beef? Click here and find out

Where is Wilderness Ranch?
Wilderness Ranch is located in the heart of Perth County, about an hour and a half west of Toronto, and
half an hour west of Kitchener / Waterloo.   
Need directions to Wilderness Ranch?
We are delighted to have customers come out from anywhere to pick up your beef, lamb, pork or chicken
products, and to see us, the cows, and how we do things here.
We will ship for you as well if you require shipping
WR Grass Fed Beef